Sunday, May 1, 2011

winter turns to ~ well, winter and things really could be better

i already told you about how i got strep throat from a patient on Thursday and felt sick all day.  well, i didn't feel much better on Friday and since i'm the only provider at the clinic with no one to back me up when i'm sick, i had to work.  i was miserable all day.  it felt pretty messed up to be writing "excused from work/school" notes for patient whom, in my opinion, were not even as sick as i was.

probably because i was so bummed out from being sick, i spent Saturday at home, watching TV, reading, napping, and generally feeling homesick.  at about 5pm i mustered up the energy to go to the grocery store and actually took the dogs with me to see if we could find a spot to let them run around for a few minutes and get some fresh air and stretch their legs.  we found a large park on the east side of town, but the weather was seriously so nasty (40mph steady wind with gusts that were knocking me off balance, intermittent snow showers, and temps in the 30s) that i didn't even let them out of the car.  they were momentarily bummed, but they got over it quickly.

got groceries, had an uneventful evening and turned in early with a movie, but then ended up staying awake way too late (past midnight) reading so i slept in on Sunday until about 9am.  i was chatting on the phone to a friend about how homesick i have been the last few days while loading up the dogs to go for a run in the trails outside of Sundance, WY when i looked at the back bumper of the car and saw that someone had backed into me overnight and cracked it, also denting the hatchback.  just when i thought i couldn't like my situation any less, someone goes and dings my car up (no note) so my friend (still on the phone) advised me to file a police report.

thankfully it was Sunday and the cops must not have had much to do, because the officer was there within the half-hour, took my info, and the dogs and i were off to Sundance.  i called my sister-in-law to plead my sob-story to her, and she patiently listened to me bitch and moan for over an hour.  i got off the phone and pulled into the trailhead parking just as the next wave of winter storms was hitting.  seriously?  can nothing go my way?  not even an hour's worth of sunshine so that i can go running?

it was pretty much a white-out up on the ridge, so i only went for an hour before i headed home.  what a pisser of a weekend.  i still feel like crying and i just want to go home to Salt Lake.  and if i find the guy who backed into my car (no, i'm not going to punch him, although i want to... ) i'll forward his license plate info on to the police department.  looks like i'll probably be paying the deductible on this one.  i feel like packing up my car and driving away ~ not looking back.  7 more weeks to go here, and they can't go by soon enough.

i'm out.


  1. A little wisdom from the Rolling Stones--
    You can’t always get what you want
    And if you try
    sometime you find
    You get what you need

    Sorry about your crappy weekend.

  2. thanks Ms Fish. let's hope things get better. sure doesn't seem like this is what i need right now.

  3. Sue Lee said: Sorry about your weekend. You'll be in Germany and back in the Wasatches before you know it.

  4. i've had about as much "character building" as i can stand over the last year. i'm ready for things to be boring.

  5. Sarah Brosier said: Apparently, being a character is not enough.

  6. It usually doesn't seem like what you need til you see it in the rear view mirror. And course maybe it isn't what you need.... sometimes you'll never know. Look at the bright side...maybe you will remember the Gillette hellhole as paradise once the terrorists retaliate and take over. LOL.

  7. I'm sorry it's not been a good thing. I hope things improve soon.

  8. you guys are sweet. other than my USB modem not working this morning, things are going better today. i think i was just really homesick this weekend. it's hard not to love SLC and all my friends there. the weather is supposed to be better this week, so i'm sure that will make a big difference in my mood.