Monday, May 30, 2011

i ran 13.4 miles today.  and i'm not totally cooked.  i actually felt like i could have run farther or maybe should have run faster than the 12:40 minute-miles that i averaged.  i ran south of Beulah, Wyoming, on the route that i had planned to do yesterday when the weather got so nasty.  it was looking pretty nasty today too, and i had a 12 mile route planned out at Sundance East trailhead, but then the thunderclouds started rolling in, and i checked the iPhone weather app, and the radar showed the cell headed straight towards Sundance.

so i drove 30 miles east and the storm missed us off to its right flank.  thank goodness.  i don't know if i would have run 13 miles in the rain today.  it was pretty windy, but i didn't get pelted with rain, so it was a total bonus.  i'm very proud of my muffin dogs too, because that's the farthest they have run in a very long time.  come to think of it, it's the farthest i've run in a very long time too.  i got a 12 miler in at Antelope Island a couple of months ago with my friend Sue, and before that, it was a 20 miler way back in the end of September, when i was still running injured but got out to run with my buddy Karl when he did the Pony Express route.

pic of the day is my smiling dogs.  they make me smile just looking at them!  and just when i think they are tired, the find a burst of energy to chase some sort of critter through the woods.  sleep well tonight, my muffins.  you earned it.

ps:  apparently Artie didn't get enough running in today, because she is asleep on her back, with her feet moving ~ sleep running.

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