Monday, May 16, 2011

Glass Half Full

i woke up Sunday morning in Lead, SD to a pleasant surprise ~ sunshine.  after a morning of lounging and sipping coffee, and the dogs had taken a nice mid-morning nap, we loaded up the car and decided to hit the Eagle Cliff Trails, south of Lead.

it's easy to get mired down in a negative attitude if you let yourself, and there have been plenty of little things to bother me lately.  but a run in the sunshine with my fluffy dogs really does turn my attitude around and make me realize all the good things i have in life.  i'm lucky that i can work 2 months at a place for good money and then go on vacation.  when i worked at the hospital, i was always trying to get away and was rarely able to get the time-off when i really wanted it without a struggle from coworkers pushing back.

i'll be glad when this assignment is done, no doubt.  the weather up here is enough to want to drive anyone southward.  i nearly got knocked over by a wind gust this morning walking to my car.  my messenger bag got blown off of my shoulder and i almost dropped my coffee cup (horror!).  in 6 short weeks i will be running the hills of southern Germany and touring the castles with my brother and sister-in-law.  that's all the motivation i need to get me through the next 5 weeks of work.

weekends as good as this past one make it tough to come back to work on Monday morning, however.  but at least i have the fluffy dogs at home to always give me a good greeting when i walk through the door.  as my cousin Jill calls them, my "precious lambs".  my glass is definitely half full, and i'm half-way done with this 10 week assignment.  homeward bound soon!


  1. yay for literal and metaphorical sunshine and your precious fluffy lambs!

    That picture above is so great, framed between the scraggly pines.
    ( are they tall and straight?) Love it and also the blog topper

  2. thanks Ms. Fish; not sure what kind of pines, maybe lodgepole? i'm so glad this photo turned out well. i see a Christmas card in its future.