Thursday, May 5, 2011


i've been doing an experiment this week.  after feeling awful and sick the end of last week and homesick over the weekend, i decided to turn over a new leaf this week.  i've been getting out for a run each afternoon after work for at least a half an hour.  the weather has been cooperative and has allowed me to do this (unfortunately, it looks like it's going to be stormy next week... blech!) and i feel so much better about everything.

it's been sunny and about 60 degrees each afternoon and i think the dogs are just as excited (if not moreso) as i am about the change of routine.  it's allowed me to deal with work better too.  and after this week, i am down to 6 weeks left to go!

i'm looking forward to running some good trail miles on Saturday, and hopefully Sunday too, if it doesn't storm too hard (but it is supposed to).  i'll keep you update.

ps ~ Artie is doing really behaving, thanks to the shock-collar sessions that we do each morning for 10-15 minutes before i leave for work.  we've slacked off a bit on the formal "come" and "sit" and haven't been working on "stay" which seems to be her most difficult command (she doesn't like to sit and stay more than 2 feet away from me!) but we'll keep working on it.  at least i'm not afraid of her running out into the road as much anymore.  somehow i think she will always be my naughty dog, though.  and i kind of admire her for her tenacity in that respect.

pss ~ other good news is that since i started working at the clinic, two of the four smokers who work there have started smoking cessation medications.  one is on Zyban and the other will start Chantix here in the next few days (once she gets her rebate coupon in the mail).  i'm so excited for my coworkers, and glad if i had anything to do with being a good influence on them!


  1. Woo-hoo! Good job being a great influence! On the peeps and the pups. :) Miss you!

  2. miss you too :) we still need to do a trail run/grocery store cartwheel day when i get back.