Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day

eating a cookie *before* the race
it's Mother's Day this weekend, which is always kind of a tough day for me.  since i lost my mom 10 years ago, this holiday really hasn't gotten much easier.  i hope everyone who still has their mother cherishes her, because you never know when you might not have her around anymore.

my mom was sick with early-onset dementia for several years before she passed away in a hospital in Germany two weeks after i had visited her, read stories to her, and told her that it was okay if she didn't want to hold on anymore.  that was a pretty tough visit, and i was a pretty angry person for a really long time afterward.

i'm so thankful for everything that my mom taught me.  especially for the love of the outdoors that she instilled in me.  and for her love of dogs that she passed on to me.  my mom was out and about all the time running, riding her bike, swimming, and walking the dogs in the forest.  she was pretty darn amazing.  she came to all of my sporting events when i was in high school, and when she came to visit me in college she was always chomping at the bit to go hiking or skiing.  she was truly a kid at heart.

she was tolerant of my temper (that i'm sure i inherited from my dad's side) and proud of me in everything that i did ~ no matter what.  she was proud of me for the efforts that i made even when i was hardest on myself for thinking that i was not successful enough.

for my mom and everything that she taught me, i am thankful.  Happy Mother's Day.


  1. You're a living testament to how fabulous I'm certain she was.

  2. Missy,

    I am so sorry for the loss of your mom. She was an amazing lady and I still remember her great smile! It seems so crazy she had dementia at such a young age. It does not seem fair. I remember going to your house as a kid and visiting with her. She also always had kind words for all the kids on the bus while making us behave. She was my favorite bus driver! I will be thinking about you and praying for you this Mother's Day and remembering how great your mom was! I will also take time to appreciate both my mom and grandma more than ever. Thank you for sharing memories of your mom. You were blessed to have her and I know she would still be just as proud of you as ever! I pray you feel her smiling down at you with love this Mother's Day and always.

    Cristy Greene

  3. Jill Felix said...

    I love this picture of Aunt Linda. I love you !

    I just read your note and it brought tears to my eyes. I miss Linda and her love for life, her energy, fun and youthfulness. She is so proud of you! I love this picture and another one that I have of her---she is in a beautiful outfit holding a flower.

  4. I just showed my mom this picture of your mom. They knew each other thru the travel agency business. My mom 1st met your mom right after she got married in the alps. She said she was a very kind and had a bubbley personality. I remember meeting her a few times as well and she was always smiling. I hope you feel her presence around you always, especially this weekend.

  5. What a cool mom. You are carrying on her legacy which is the best honor you could pay her. awesome post Missy b.