Monday, May 2, 2011

turn around

it's amazing what a couple of nice phone calls (read:  pep-talks), a couple of nice voice messages, texts, some good weather, a nice insurance agent (Yes!) and a kick in the pants can do for your attitude.

after having such a rotten weekend, today i got all of the above.  i think the highlight of my day was when my locum tenens recruiter called me back to give me my pep talk, and she told me (she has a super-cute Texas accent), "Sometimes we need to just put our 'big girl' pants on and get back to work."  can you just hear her?  it's exactly what i needed to hear today.  after all, as another friend pointed out:  let's put it into perspective...  we could live in Alabama and have our town leveled by one of the largest tornadoes in history with several family members and friends dead all in a matter of minutes.  kind of makes my life not look all that bad.

so i drank my coffee this morning, shrugged off a couple of snoveling patients (snivel + grovel = snovel) and put my head down and went to work, even taking time out to be compassionate to an obviously distraught patient (yes, just one.  hey, let's not have too high of expectations here!)

i also talked to my insurance agent this afternoon, whom i must admit is probably one of the coolest guys ever (his son is graduating with his Nurse Practitioner from Idaho State this Spring, too!) and he told me not to worry about the car.  we'll fix it when i get back to Salt Lake and have Nate Wade take care of it while i'm in Germany so i won't even have to be without a car.  Hello!  that's why i pay you the State Farm big-bucks, my friend!  (i was probably too pissed off to think of this myself.  we chatted about Gillette, WY for a few minutes, and his son's graduation, and the job market...  it is such a relief to not have to worry about my car!)

it was sunny and temps in the 50s this afternoon when i got home from work (after washing my poor little beat up Frau Helga at the car wash) so i took the dogs out for a short jog around the 'hood on their leashes (i wanted to go farther, but they were pulling back on their leashes and wanted to "be free" or at least go eat some kibble, so we cut it short and decided to eat dinner after about a half hour).  but it was just the little boost i needed to put the icing on the cake of a much better day.

it's amazing what a few small things can do to change your outlook and perspective.  i think it's pretty much a 180 from how i felt this weekend, thanks to all of the support i got.  i didn't mean to be so needy, but once in a while i guess is acceptable.  i'll try not to make a habit of it.
no photos today ~ but i will share with you this gem from the med refrigerator in the clinic

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