Sunday, March 27, 2011

I skied one for Uncle Mike today.

i talked with my Aunt Jo  back in Michigan about a week ago.  although we live several thousand miles apart, she always checks in with me to see how i'm doing and what i'm up to.  i directed her to check out my blog, because i'm posting a lot of photos and short stories about the places that i go.  her emailed response was, "Thanks also for your blog address, I will check it out. I'm sure you have photos that Mike will absolutely  love. You are living the life  he has always dreamed about." 

My Uncle Mike has always been an avid skier.  He doesn't get out after it like he used to, but i'm sure he still dreams of the perfect powder run.  when we were kids, he used to sit us down and put on Warren Miller VHS tapes and say, "See?  this is what you guys can do someday..."  he was right.  today i skied for Uncle Mike.  it was a really good day.

sometimes i feel like it's just not right, that the people i love are either not alive anymore, or they're not able to ski with me like we both would rather have.  but i skied with a good friend today and was fortunate in his company.  he breaks trail and never complains about it, and always seems to let me in on his favorite spots.  friends don't get much better than that.

we made three great runs today, and as we were starting the third run, the next storm began to blow in.  my friend said to me as we finished our day, "you'd better ski everyday this week, because tonight we're supposed to get another 20 inches."  ... i'll do my best.

last run of the day.

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