Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How Lucky am I?

some scenes from an excellent trail run today ~ 7 miles in the hills above Salt Lake City with my two favorite running partners:  Franklin and Artemis.  although Artemis got a bit frisky running after critters in the scrub-oak and across the high meadows, she always came back.  true, she was covered in burrs when she came back, but re-joined us nonetheless.

i brought a water dish for the dogs, but they were more interested in eating melting Spring snow from the snowbanks.  the trails were surprisingly dry, and the sunshine was brilliant.  it's days like this that i realize how lucky i am to be healthy and do the things i love to do.

tomorrow is my dad's birthday, and i will think of him.  i probably won't be skiing, like i wished i would have been able to do on his birthday, because my new car will be getting a clear coat and interior stain barrier protection.  then on Thursday, it's off to Vail with my sis-in-law; to stay at the condo, pay too much for skiing, drink too much coffee, and i'm sure have one too many cocktails.  i will think of dad as i enjoy the mountains, as he and my mom taught me so well how to do.  next week is my mom's birthday and it's really hard to believe that she has been gone for 10 years already.

i think of them both every day, and especially when i am in the mountains (which is nearly every day as well!).  even though i've lost them, i feel their spirit and generally think to myself, "Seriously... how lucky am I?"

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