Thursday, March 10, 2011

Double Duty

just a short post today, because i'm tired ~ in a good way.  skied my new alpine touring set up today for 3 hours up at Solitude in the variable snow conditions (heavy powder, wind-blown powder, sluff-debris) and had a fantastic time.  got face shots in Upper Crystal that were cool and refreshing.  could have skied longer, but Patrol closed the gates to Honeycomb Canyon because it was getting too warm and when things heat up, they have a tendency to slide...

driving down the canyon, i definitely looked around a bit, and there were a lot of wet slides and sloughs visible from the road.  didn't bother me to end my ski day early, however, as i went home, got a late lunch, loaded the dogs into the car and then went up to Park City for round two.

the dogs and i skate skied Round Valley for a little over an hour.  it was slushy spring conditions on the Loipe today, and i forgot my water-bottle waist pack, so i was a thirsty squirrel when i got back to the car.  then i realized i had forgotten the dogs' water dish, so they had to try to drink out of the cap to the water bottle.  so they were thirsty too.

i got a bunch of phone calls today, but i decided not to answer them.  spent the day taking care of myself and enjoying the mountains.  i'll deal with that other stuff tomorrow.

all in all, it was a very good day.

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