Sunday, January 30, 2011

swinging at the Canyons

chili time!
what a great day today!  i met up with my friends Katy and Georg who were in town for the last week from New York to enjoy some skiing and fresh air.  the last time i saw them was at Deer Valley four years ago...

we had just gotten a coffee/cocoa at Snowshoe Tommy's and were cruising down the Wizard run to head back to the base area and go to lunch when *boom* out of nowhere, i was on my butt, doing a "slide for life" and could not stop.  i dug my ski edges into the ice and as they hooked up, i felt my left knee go *pop-pop*  ~ ACL tear.  Katy and Georg were pros at getting me to safety:  skis in a cross on the hill, flagged down a ski host, stopped me from sliding further down the hill and got me in a comfortable position to wait for the patrol sled.  i have to say, the staff at Deer Valley Resort is top notch.  i was transported by sled down the hill and then hooked onto a snowmobile (still in the sled) where they towed me up to the clinic.  Katy and Georg skied to the bottom to get the car and drive it back up to the mid-mountain area to take me home.

the orange bubble lift has heated seats ~ seriously!
that was then and this is now...  a beautiful day swinging turns down the groomed runs of the Canyons.  i smiled and laughed so much that my cheeks ached by the end of the day.  they are such great friends and i hope it is not another four years before we see each other again.  hopefully our schedules will match up so that we can see each other this summer in Germany ~ that would be a blast!


  1. The injury happened the LAST time you saw your friends, right? 4 years ago? You scared me at first!

  2. yes, the ACL was last time (4 years ago), hence the text in italics. i'm fine :)

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