Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dog Day

Millie and Franklin.
sometimes, you gotta just sleep in, snuggle with your fluffy muffin dogs, drink an extra cup of coffee, eat a donut, and ski a loop with the dogs.  today was ski touring day for me, and although i had initial plans to hit the Cottonwoods for a big tour, i just couldn't bring myself to leave my babies today.  we called up a friend and his dog, and we hit Summit Park.

ridgetop at Summit Park.
Artemis takes a break half way to the top
  thousands of people drive past this little gem everyday and see the cluster of homes tucked up in the hills, one gas station at the pass, and don't think twice about just passing on by.  no, we were not alone today.  there was a handful of  other dogs out with their canine-loving people.  enjoying the 360 views and the sun.  the populous city below was hidden by a dense layer of clouds.  four inches of 3% density snow on top of a wind crust made for some challenging conditions, but we didn't care.  it was a dog day of skiing today.

me.  enjoying the sunshine.
sometimes you have to stop and take a look around to realize just how good you've got it.  being an orphan, i do this a lot.  my parents worked hard their whole lives to retire and enjoy life in their later years.  it seems they died too young, and before they really had the chance to enjoy what they wanted to.  they did, however, instill in me a love for the outdoors, skiing, and dogs.  friendship abounds.  dog-lovers unite, with your canine friends on skis.  the beauty of the Wasatch was experienced full-force today.  magical.
dogs waiting for Carl to attain the ridge.

Carl makes his way up the skin track.
view of the Wasatch abound from atop Summit Park.

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