Saturday, January 1, 2011

7 miles for luck in the new year...

brrr ~ single digits temps in Park City on 1/1/11.
i'm going to be quite frank, and say i'm not sad to see 2010 come to an end.  not only was it not the best year for me (i'd rather not go into all of the details), but it was also not a great year for some of my friends.

there were some really great high points too, though!  don't get me wrong ~ the "summer of running" was amazing and i hope to be able to do it again in 2011.  i've already been on the website to register for a couple of races, and i will let you know how the lottery on Jan 9th goes for "the big dance" later in the summer.

to ring in 2011, i took the dogs out for a run up on the Rail Trail in Park City.  the temps were in the single digits, and i didn't really realize how cold i was until we got home and i spent a good 20 minutes in the shower trying to warm up.  i wore my new Kahtoola microspikes for the run (thanks Santa!) and they were awesome.  who knew running on firm-packed snow could be so much fun.  we went about 7 miles ~ 7 miles to symbolize luck in the New Year.

here's to 2011 ~ may it be prosperous and joyous for all!

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