Tuesday, November 22, 2011

what i'm thankful for...

I think today was the earliest I've ever been skiing in a season ~ and I didn't even hit opening day, as it was last week.  I headed up to Solitude for a few runs today, to get some fresh air and sunshine and see what all the hype was about.  It felt good to do something other than run:  the skiing movement felt really good on my legs.

I felt just a little bit somber the entire time I was up there, and several times thought about skiing with folks that I knew whom I saw up on the slopes today kickin' around.  But instead, I chose to just cruise around by myself.  I realized that my depressed mood had nothing to do with the beautiful day and the skiing, but everything to do with the fact that it's been just over a year since my dad died.  He's the one who gave me the gift of skiing so many years ago when I was just a little squirt out on the hill behind our house.  He used to tell me and my brother that it would make us stronger skiers if we would side-step up the entire hill to earn our turns, and I think he was very right in that respect.

the view up-canyon from Eagle chair at Solitude
Today, I found myself trying to do his patented turn (4 large swings followed by 4 short swings followed by 4 large swings... ) and at times holding my trailing pole the way he used to.  He taught me well, and I am so thankful for that.  Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. I miss my Dad, too. Everything about him. Happy Thanksgiving, Missy, love you.

  2. It's good to remember your dad, and it's okay to still feel sad.