Monday, October 10, 2011

Elizabeth Smart Canyon

Each time I go up this canyon, which is not very often but nonetheless I typically end up here once or twice a year, I am struck by several things.  First, the remoteness of it, even though the entrance to it lies just feet from a busy metropolitan trail where thousands of people travel each week by bike and on foot.

The second thing that strikes me is the steepness of it.  Just a mile beyond the rolling, easy going Shoreline trail of the Wasatch Front are hills so steep that they will tie your calves in knots and create a heady dizziness that makes you believe you will pass out.

Third, which goes along with the remoteness and the steepness of the area, is the fact that a local teenager was abducted and brought to this place several years ago.  She was dressed in nothing but her pajamas, and trod the sharp rocks, thistles, and sage in her bare feet.  For weeks, if not months, she was forced to "live" with a scary crazy man and his "wife", just minutes from the comfort of her home, family, and friends, yet no one knew where she was or even if she was still alive.  


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