Saturday, January 7, 2012

Long Time Comin'

I have to say, I was getting really used to the 50 degree weather and the open trails this winter.  At some point, it had to change.  That change came overnight last night.  A dusting, but nevertheless, a bit of the white stuff.  My heart kind of sunk this morning as I looked out the window and saw everything covered in white, because I had planned on doing a nice long run on the trails in Park City today.

I changed my plans and decided to get the house cleaned up while I had the chance.  First, I went to breakfast with my friend Kim at the Park Cafe.  Seriously, after eating that nice, yummy food I wanted to just go back to bed.  But I rallied, and got a lot done around the house before noon.  Then, I decided the weather wasn't so horrible that I couldn't hit the trails in the foothills.  And the dogs were looking at me longingly from the couch as I mopped the floors.

So I rallied again, and we got out on our favorite loop of trails for about 5 miles.  It was a little slower-going because of the snow, but I wore my Kahtoola spikes on my Hoka One One shoes, and it made the going a little easier.  The dogs sure enjoyed it.  And I caught myself smiling several times because of the dogs romping in the snow:  they are just so dang cute!

On the way home I got one of my current favorite cookies:  from the Corner Bakery Cafe, it's a chocolate chip cookie that is covered (top and bottom) with mini m&m's.  It is simply divine.  And I waited to eat it until I stopped by Starbucks to get a fresh, hot cup of coffee to go with it (the coffee at Corner Bakery is simply not divine and the extra stop to Starbucks was worth it to make the combo complete).

The dogs and I got home, I took a shower and gave the dogs a biscuit, and then we all took a nice nap.  The snow was a long time coming today ~ we really haven't had any snow for close to two months (early November).  As much as I was liking our Spring-like Winter, I guess it will be okay to switch gears and have some fun in the snow from now on!  Bring it!

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  1. good to see you and the kids out there...figured after today there might be some rocks covered, heading to the slopes with the ever-growing kids in the a.m.