Friday, April 22, 2011

Scurry over to Sundance

i got out of work at 4:30 yesterday, and i decided that the dogs and i needed to rally.  the Sundance, WY trails are about 65 miles to the east from Gillette, and the near 6-mile run is becoming my go-to run to feel good.  so i changed into my running clothes and got the dogs loaded into the car.

i could see there was another storm fast approaching from the southwest (folks in Salt Lake know what i'm talking about) and we would have to hurry, and possibly scurry once we got up on the ridge at Sundance.

the run was delightful as always and relatively uneventful, partially because of the fact that the yellow dog (Artemis, the huntress) has been really naughty lately chasing wildlife and i kept her on the leash for all but 1/2 mile of the run.  there were a lot of deer out and since it was evening, i really didn't want to go on some epic chase or long wait for my dog to come back from hunting.

the robins were chirping in the Black Hills, which is a sure sign of Spring ~ Easter is coming up in just a couple of days.  when we got up on the ridge it was a bit windy, but we had held off the storm, and i didn't see any lightening in the distance.

when we got back to the car the first raindrops were hitting the windshield.  there's a skiff of snow on the ground in Gillette this morning and it's again temperatures in the thirties, so i'm glad we got out when we did.  in the future when there is a break in the weather and when i get off from work a bit early, i'm going to try to rally and do the same and get out with the dogs for at least an hour.  we all feel better for it when we do.  it might seem a little silly (or wasteful) to drive 130 miles round trip to go on a 6 mile run, but the peace it brings to my being is unparalleled.

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