Sunday, April 17, 2011

Homestake in Lead

this weekend the dogs and i traveled over to Lead, South Dakota (pronounced "leed" as opposed to "led") to stay at my friend Linda's condo and check out the local trails.  unfortunately, Lead sits at about 5,300 feet in the Black Hills, and the trails are, for the most part, still covered in snow. 

Saturday, the dogs and i did check out the Mickelson Trail, a converted rail bed from the Burlington Northern line, that was used in the 1880s to transport ore between Custer, SD and Lead/Deadwood.  it runs a total of about 110 miles.  we covered about 4 miles (sad) because it was such slow going on the soft Spring snow. 

Sunday morning, the dogs and i strolled around the town (which is *very* quiet on Sundays, i must say...) and snapped a few photos while out on our walk-about.

it was a nice relaxing weekend, and i anticipate good days of running the trails in future weeks, after the snow melts out a bit. 

Frank and Artie on the Mickelson Trail
houses on Main St, Lead, SD
Main St is very quiet this Sunday morning

Homestake Opera House, Lead, SD
Old City Hall, Lead, SD
Homestake Mine on the edge of Main St ~ I'm glad it is fenced off
converted schoolhouse where we stayed
Franklin and Artemis after our walk


  1. glad you are having a good time. And yes, Lead is a quiet little place!

  2. thanks again, Linda. we had a great weekend at your place!