Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Upper Millcreek Divine

fluffy feather-tails rippin' happily down the trail
today was my first "real" outing with the dogs since i injured my knee and hip about 12 days ago.  my lower back and hip were still hurting a little bit today, and my knee felt stiff, but i just couldn't resist getting out on this beautiful Fall day to one of my favorite places on Earth with my two best friends.  i'm moving slower than my heart wants to, but i'm really just happy to be out enjoying the beauty of the mountains.  at this point, i feel like there is no more damage that i could do to myself by increasing my activity slowly and conservatively.  typically once i get out on the trail and get the blood flowing, i feel at least a little better than if i had stayed at home.  today was no exception.

beautiful fall colors in the Historic Trail area
we (the dogs and i) took the Historic Millcreek Trail up to the ridgeline between Millcreek and Big Cottonwood Canyons.  instead of turning left (East) once on the ridge and meeting up with the main route (the Crest Trail), we followed a moose track along the ridge to the West.  the views did not disappoint.  we lost the trail after about a mile, and bush-whacked through the brush down to the Little Water Trail so that the dogs could get a drink, and then back to the trailhead.  needless to say, i feel good.  i felt so good, i even wrote a poem as i hiked!
looking West from Little Water Peak to the valley below

Quaking Autumn aspens sound
Like a flowing stream.
Up my spirit soars with them.

Fluffy feather-tailed dogs run
Through open meadows.
Forward my heart runs with them.

Historic trail cuts across
Changing Fall landscapes.
Solo run with dogs divine.

rippled rock on the ridgeline reminds me of tide pools
Looking up the ridge to Little Water Peak
Me and Frank on Little Water Peak
Artie longs for Little Water creek

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