Tuesday, September 21, 2010

never quit

this past Spring i quit my job.  looking back on it, i hated it.  i was miserable and frustrated and knew that i had more in me than that job would ever let me do.  it was holding me down.  so i quit.

then i kind-of freaked out just a little bit.  just a mini-Missy-freak-out (as opposed to the major-Missy-freak-out, which a few of my friends have be not so fortunate to witness). what was i going to do the whole summer without a job?

well, i had signed up for the Wasatch 100, so i started running.  a lot.  i've always been somewhat of a runner.  in high school on the soccer and tennis teams, we used to have to go out and do a 4 mile run around the county block.  the other girls hated it.  i reveled in those runs. 

i have never run so many miles in a summer.  i have never had so much joy in running.  i ran with friends and ran with my dogs, and even did a few solo runs.  then the big day came and i ran my race--conservatively, so that i would finish.  but i didn't finish.  i failed.  i felt so frustrated.  i quit because of injury about two-thirds of the way through the race.  just when i was starting to feel lifted up, and so supported by my friends i might add, i failed.  i felt so low.  i felt as though i just wanted to sit on the couch and cry (and i did).  my knee hurt, my hip hurt, my lower back hurt.  and all i wanted to do was run.

so after 12 days of moping around on the couch and doing little 2 mile dog walks, i got out again today.  i got out for 8 miles.  my hip still hurt, my knee was stiff, and i was wearing a brace on my lower back for support.  i mostly hiked, but i got out.  i didn't quit.

when i got home, the phone rang.  it was the hospital in rural Nevada where i applied for a job a couple of weeks ago.  a 13-week contract in the clinic with shifts in the ER as a Nurse Practitioner.  my heart soared.  i have a job!

then i got an email.  from my friend at the Student Health Clinic where i have been picking up shifts as a Nurse Practitioner as needed, when others are on vacation or need the day off.  see, i had picked up a shift on a Friday in October, the same Friday as another 100-mile race, the race that would be my redemption.  she said she figured out a way to give me the day off...  go run, she said.

so i'm working on getting my hip and back and knee figured out.  i have about three and a half weeks to do it.  then, it's Pony Express 100 day. 

never quit.


  1. Missy, I just want you to know that you are an inspiration to me! Thank you for being just who you are! I'm so grateful that we had the opportunity to work together and become friends.

    Lindsay S.

  2. Hey Missy!

    I love your life adventures, and your dog seems to enjoy them just as much as you!

    Takes courage to quit a job in this economy. I just did the same ( by way of a transfer) and now live and work in Colorado. Life is so much better and I will be able to enjoy the great outdoors just like you.

    It also takes courage to run a marathon so humongous as 100 miles!!!
    Hope you smoke it on your October run. And have a great time in NV!