Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

2009 was pretty good to me. i graduated from Nurse Practitioner school, got a couple of great new jobs in my new profession, and finally feel as though i've finished remodeling the inside of my house.

the year was great to me for a couple of other reasons, too. January 8, 2009 i met my new dog, Artemis. this dog amazes me in her strength and stubbornness. i got her from the County Shelter, and can't believe that her owners, even after being notified (twice) that she was there, chose to abandon her. she is named after the Greek goddess of forests and hills; the huntress. and this Artemis glides across the hillside in such an effortless fashion, you would swear her feet don't touch the ground. she has become a great companion and an annoying but loveable "little sister" to my boy, Franklin.

thankfully i graduated from school and now have more time to spend in the hills. having two healthy dogs around is just the right amount of guilt i need to get me out of the house and into said hills. indeed, 2009 has given me a renewed sense of energy for trail running. i've developed some great relationships with fellow ultra-runners over the past year, and have been inspired to run more and really, truly enjoy the time that i am out. i'm not concerned so much about times or minute-miles anymore, but more about just "being out there" and enjoying the scenery with friends and dogs. i was able to "run" the double cross of the Grand Canyon, from the North Rim to the South Rim and back, grinding through the discomfort, and did it after not really running much over the past 5 years.

my new-found zeal has found me signing up for the Pocatello 50 in 2010 and entering the Wasatch Front 100 lottery. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that i get in and that the "third time is the charm" for finishing this great race through Heaven and Hell in the Wasatch mountains, my backyard.

may 2010 bring much joy and happiness to everyone, and i hope that you chase your dreams as i did in 2009. i hope to keep on chasing in 2010.


  1. Training for the 5K portion of the SLC Marathon. Baby steps Missy, baby steps!

  2. great job, Kelli! i'm proud of you!