Saturday, January 9, 2010

Artie's Anniversary_24/7

there's a trail near park city called the 24/7 trail. i suppose because you could ride it all day long every day of the week. it's a good one. today, it was even good in the winter. low snow totals this winter have meant better trail running than most years. the trail was firm and packed. the dogs and i hit this trail today to celebrate Artemis's one year anniversary as a part of Camp Berkel in SLC. she's been a great dog, and a great companion to both me and Franklin. the photos are from our jaunt. it was about 30 degrees and overcast, hence wearing of the beanie "Park City style" with the back rolled up. there is a photo of the magpie that taunted us for a couple of miles, and a scenic shot from the top of the Preserve Trail, looking out over I-80. as i hit the summit, the Smokey and the Bandit theme song was playing on my headphones, "you got to dodge and you got to duck in. you gotta keep that diesel truckin'. just put that hammer down and give it HELL..." fitting. yes, we went eastbound to hit this trail, and it was a good times for all.


  1. Wow, there's not much snow in Park City, is there? Your doggies are so cute & I'm glad you have such wonderful companions to run with you!

  2. Thanks for teaching me how to wear my hat "PC style..." Since I work up there now, I didn't want to make a fool out of myself by not knowing the latest fashion. :)

  3. @ Linda thank you! yes, they are great companions. it is hard for me to go to work in the morning and leave their fluffy little faces.