Sunday, April 7, 2013

Head for the Hills ~

I didn't get a ton of running miles this week, but the miles I got were fabulous!  I had three days in the mid-mileage range (8-10 miles per day) and two of those days were in the foothills above the Shoreline trail.  I got out on my lunch break one day, and came home to run with my dogs in the Park and in the 'hood in the afternoon.  The dogs and I even went on a post-office run to pick up the mail yesterday!

My dogs amaze me.  I am so impressed by the joy my dogs have when they are running out on the trail.  Their fluffy fur blowing in the breeze, their eyes sparkling and their faces smiling.  They run hard and then come home to enjoy a meal and take a well-deserved snooze.  I have to remember to be amazed by not only my dogs but by my own efforts as well.  Watching my dogs helps me realize that I am traveling along with them.  That I, myself, am smiling, sparkling, and running strong.

My knee has healed up from my injury a couple of weeks ago.  I ran nearly 40 miles this week and am hoping to get some good miles in this week before I leave on vacation (hopefully I'll get some miles in while I'm on vacation as well!) I'm looking forward to a great summer of events with friends.  It's fun to run into a lot of the same people out on the trail.  We share which events we are going to do this summer, and wish each other well in our training.  It's a great community of runners we have in this town!
This shot of Mark and the dogs on the ridge
reminded me of the Scottish Highlands ~

Mark and Franklin headed down the ridge,
and towards breakfast ~
Spring Beauties ~
Fairy Spuds 
Glacier lilies ~
dog-toothed violets. 
I am happy when I am running.
I am happy when I am in the hills.

This collection of photos would not be complete without a few more shots of the dogs ~
Mmm ~ kibble for dinner is good!
Wink, wink!  When you're thinking
of going running, don't forget to bring
your favorite dogs with you!

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