Sunday, January 27, 2013

Love begets love

After a great day ski touring for 6 hours last Sunday, I developed a bit of a sore throat and some achy-aches (I actually started getting sick on the tour, but toughed it out and ended up in bed most of the day on Monday) and had quite a mellow week.  (Mellow week for me is thirty miles total for the week and no more ski touring.)

I worked a couple of days, ran a bunch on the treadmill in the basement (Downton Abbey episodes get me through that) all the while with the dogs watching me, longingly, wanting to go out for a walk.  We had freezing rain on Thursday and Friday so it was really too treacherous on the sidewalks to get them out.

On Friday, I went down to the Outdoor Retailers show to just look around and hang out for a while and I ended up spending six hours there visiting with friends, looking at gear, and picking up some new shoes.  I met all of the guys at the Altra booth, and introduced myself as one of their new ambassadors, and they were so great to me!  They brought out some new shoes for me to try right then and there ~ the 2013 Torin ~ and I got on the treadmill for a bit.  We talked about what races we are all going to do this year and how their products have really taken off in the last couple of years.

I started my new job at an urgent care in Davis County and will be working there a few days a month for some extra money (I can pay for Frank's surgery that he had last week to remove the lump on his face, and I'll be able to get the new couch I've been wanting for so long).  Thankfully, I got a bit of free time to take my new shoes out for a four mile spin and I loved them.  Running in the neighborhoods around Layton left a little bit to be desired, but I was just happy to be outside and not running on the treadmill.

We had a few minutes of sunshine today just before the next winter storm blew into town.  But, alas I didn't run in sunshine rather light, drizzling rain with overcast skies.  I did get ten miles done on the Salt Lake streets with my friend Mark, and he shot some video of me in my new kicks, so hopefully I'll have some images to pass on soon.

Poor dogs still have not gotten out ~ haven't really gotten out all week except for their 3 mile walk in Summit Park on Monday.  I'll be more motivated to get them out this week what with the fresh snow and the lack of pollution in the air.  So glad it finally cleared out and we are getting dumped on with snow right now.  I'll be working the next couple of days, but later in the week should be able to get some good skiing in!

Afternote:  Frank's mass on his cheek was a benign fibrolipoma and he is healing well.  He was a bit groggy for a couple of days but was soon back to his kibble-eating self.  He only spent a few hours in the "cone of shame" and hasn't scratched at his staples at all.  Artie was quite concerned about him when he first returned home, and kept nudging him with little love nudges.  He has been sleeping on my bed every night since the surgery (on Tuesday) and I'm afraid I might not be able to talk him into ever returning to the floor and his own bed.  It's ok ~ there's nothing better than giving an old dog a little bit of extra love.  Because you know what you get in return?  Love.
The Monitors ~ where we skied last Sunday. 
Me on the Wasatch Crest ~
Franklin, post-surgery snoozing on the couch ~
Artie looking on lovingly towards Franklin
Frank checking out my new shoes (the Altra Torin)
after I returned from the OR show ~
Kickin' it at the new job ~

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  1. I love my old dog too. It's true...they just know how to love, and they are good at it. <3