Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Energy ~

Sometimes I have to look at my recent photos for a bit of inspiration to write ~ I remind myself that yes, I have gotten out of the house to experience some awesome trails and be in the company of some pretty great people and dogs.

I've hit my seasonal low-point in the past couple of weeks.  Indeed, I looked back on a blogpost from last year at this time and it looks as though I was feeling exactly the same way.   It's hard, after a successful summer of very rewarding running adventures, to hit this in-between season without any specific goals other than to rest up and try to conserve some energy to be ready to go again a few months from now.  I almost don't even want to think about what my next event will be, because I don't feel all that awesome right now.  I canceled my plans to attend a race in the Las Vegas area next week and am really disappointed with my decision, but realize that although I have the physical strength to go do the event, my mind just isn't in it at this point.

Getting out with the dogs always makes me laugh and smile, and I am so thankful to draw upon their happy, boundless energy.  I'm looking forward to the snow flying and getting some miles in on the skate-skis up in Park City with the dogs.  The trails are still really dry right now, and although the sun is shining, it's perceptibly lower on the horizon, and I don't draw as much energy from it as I did during the summer months.  I've been hitting the trails with my mountain bike once or twice a week which has helped to make my aching back and hips feel a lot better.

I also went down to Moab this past weekend to volunteer for a race, and got out for a trail run while I was down there.  Unfortunately, the condo where I was staying didn't allow dogs, so the pups didn't make the trip with me.  Would have been much more enjoyable if they had.  And although the event was not the most rewarding experience I've had volunteering, I realized that the other events that I have volunteered for and taken part in are truly top-notch.  This recent event reinforced for me how much it takes to not only pull off a successful event, but also how a race director's and committee's attitude can be make-or-break for not only the racers, but also for the volunteers who are donating hours and sometimes days of their personal time and resources.

Sometimes it's all about energy ~ the energy you give off and that which you receive.  I'll continue to try and place myself in rewarding situations, drawing on positive energy and in the process boosting my own.  Sometimes it is a struggle this time of year, but I'm nothing if not persistent.

With that being said, as promised here are some photos, mostly of dogs, that are sure to lift anyone's spirits.
Sugarhouse Park dogwalk ~

Dogwalk above the Avenues with a view of the Wasatch ~

Moab Long Canyon Road ~ near Potash ~

View up the Long Canyon Road ~

Needles District of Canyonlands NP and
the La Sal Mountains in the background ~

Tires pups after a mountain bike ride in Park City ~
Goofball, furballs greet me on my return home from work ~

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  1. I love your puppies! I feel the same way, in sort of a funk, and I would guess it's normal to have ups and downs with seasonal changes. I look forward to next spring already!!
    Your post reminds me to be super nice to volunteers!