Sunday, July 17, 2011

training for the big dance on September 9th is going well.  i've been consistently logging over 40 miles per week, hitting my interval and hill workouts (except i skipped hills while in Germany, and took an extra rest day, but then made up the elevation later on a 19-mile long run).  i've been kind of stressed about my mileage, however, because i feel like last year i was logging some longer weeks... 50 and 60 mile weeks, and the 99 miles in 9 days as well.

so today i laced up the shoes and headed up Millcreek for a 20 mile out-and-back to prove to myself that i could log 20 miles in the Wasatch and not be completely wasted afterwards...

i headed up Bowman Fork after coming to terms with the fact that i really could not face the Crest trail on a weekend, as there was the likelihood that a fair amount of mountain bikers would be up there (later reports indicated otherwise, but hey...)

i met up with Roch Horton about 2/3 of the way up to Baker Pass, as he was coming down the trail and i was headed up.  and i've gotta say, it was such a delight to see him.  my legs were feeling a bit heavy and i was feeling as if i could have benefited from a second cup of coffee this morning.  meeting up with him definitely lightened my spirits.

i got to Baker Pass and there were already a few folks up there despite my early start, and i headed off the back and across the Desolation Trail.  met up with Emily and Megan as they were headed down-canyon, and explained the route to the Overlook trail to them, and we realized that we had mutual friend-in-common Liz Sherman and that Emily and i had actually run once together last year (although i was in a really sour mood, and she kicked my ass, and i was really not very nice to her, i'm afraid... ) but made up for it today, i hope.

i cruised along and though the entire time that maybe i should be running a bit faster, passed several hikers, but decided to keep things mellow and not push, because it's just training after all, and i still had a long ways to go, and it would heat up quite a lot before the day was done.  (in fact, the "hot" section of the Deso Trail on the return proved just that, despite a nice breeze and a few clouds throughout the day, that hot section just really seems to cook.)

got over to Dog Lake, and decided to stack my mileage by running halfway down Little Water and then back up Big Water.  it was a busy day on the "Water" trails, with lots of people and dogs, and i was happy to get back on the Deso Trail.

the traverse across Deso was relatively uneventful except for the heat, and i felt as though i pushed up to Baker Pass at a pretty good clip.  my coach's words rang in my head, "don't forget about the fast finish!" and after hitting the lap key on my watch, i made the most of a technical trail and even when i really wasn't moving fast because of the rocks, roots, and off-camber-ness of the route, i at least "thought" fast.  indeed, i made it down the 4.34 mi section in under an hour, which was my goal.  i even logged 7 min-mi on the last half-mile down the road to the car.  at one point, a kid about 7 or 8 yrs old, despite his father's words to "get out of the way!" crossed directly in front of me as i was hauling down a fast section and jumping a creek.  i pulled out some of my agility-soccer moves from my youth and only ended up clipping the brim of the kid's cap. 

before getting into the car, i plopped in the creek for a few minutes, to cool down my legs.  after a couple of hours of rest, i'm walking again :) but my left lateral ankle is tweaking just a little bit, and i'm afraid my peroneal tendon is a bit upset with me right now.  i iced it down for a good half-hour, so hopefully he will not stay upset and will be all fun and games again when it comes to my 60 minute run that is on the schedule for tomorrow.

stats for today:  20.5 mi, 5 hr 56 min, 8268 feet vertical.
estimated calories burned:  1853.  calories consumed ~ 900.

going to eat some Thai food with a friend... very hungry.  all in all, a very good day!  and i proved to myself that 20 miles in the Wasatch (at this point in my training) will not kill me.

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