Saturday, December 25, 2010

"You and your damn dogs"

i received an email today.  proof that what i am doing increases the happiness factor in the world.  Merry Christmas.

 I don't know if you're aware how much I enjoy seeing you with your dogs. I love it. I live vicariously through your photos, often...especially the really "playful-with-dogs" photos. They're so lucky, as are you.
I just went to the doc because a quick hug to a friend's dog last month put me pretty goddamned close to anaphylaxis, I was lucky. The allergy is getting worse. AND I wish I could have a's nothing new... lived with it since I was 4... but, now more than ever...

Anyway, happy christmas... thought you should know. I love that you love your dogs so much and apparently how much they love you. Not really jealous of it, but a big admirer.


i'm so sorry that my friend can't be close to canines, or have one of man's best friends of his own.  the love my dogs and i share is a deep and true one indeed.  i am happy though, that i am able to share my photos and stories with him and others, and that the fact that i am doing so makes a difference.

Merry Christmas ~ to all.  before heading up to Idaho today (i got into Salt Lake yesterday afternoon from Nevada), i took the dogs on one of our favorite jaunts.  just a quick four miles, but the views of the quiet, sleepy city this Christmas morning were spectacular.

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