Sunday, November 21, 2010

Radar Road

I’m going to use this opportunity without television and without internet (except the trusty iPhone*) to get some more ‘sploring in…  right out the backdoor is Radar Road, aptly named because it goes up to a peak where the two large golf-ball like antennas are perched.

I walked a nice 6-mile out and back with the dogs yesterday and today I turned it into a loop:  several miles on the paved road, but who cares…  the only other person out there is a lady named Annie walking her two dogs:  a Weimaraner and a Basset Hound mix.  I did put the stubborn yellow-dog on a leash for part of the loop today, because if you look away for only a couple of minutes, before you know it she is about a quarter-mile away chasing a jackrabbit through the sage- and rabbit-brush.

I have to say, the rabbit brush is in bloom and smells like cherry candy.  it is eerily peaceful to run through the high desert with the wind blowing 20 miles per hour, the temp around 30 degrees, and the brilliant sunshine glancing off of snow-covered car wreckages.  really, it’s not so bad, it’s just different.  running in the desert is a good way to kill a couple of hours and to work on this jelly-roll that has formed around my mid-section.

I foresee that this 7.5 mile loop likely becoming a favorite of mine and the dogs’ while we are out here in T-pah.

*PS:  a huge thank you to the Tonopah Public Library for providing free Wi-Fi that I accessed from my car in the parking lot in order to update my blog today (Sunday).

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  1. Thanks, Missy! Loved reading about your adventures! Beautiful pix! I've always enjoyed investigating new areas and meeting and getting to know the "natives" Wish you all could come for Turkey day but I'm glad you'll be together with Stefan and fam.!

    Love you very much! MJ