Friday, October 22, 2010

rough week

this week has been a rough one.  my brother and i got word at the end of last week that my dad was admitted to a hospital in northern Germany while he and his girlfriend, Elke, were visiting her family.  it sounds like he had a fall on the day of their arrival.  he had been doing better and recovering, but shortly before the weekend he took a turn for the worse. 

my dad has had some health problems for several years, but has been hanging in there until now, thanks mostly to the good care and friendship that he has received from Elke.  it has been a roller-coaster week, with Dad having good days and bad days.  today was one of the better days.

Stefan and Abigail flew over to Germany yesterday, and I am delaying my start date for work in Nevada until November 8th.  i fly out to Germany on Sunday.  needless to say, i will very much miss my pups while i am gone.  they give me so much comfort everyday, but have been especially comforting this past week.  they have known that i was upset and have hung extra close to me (if that is even possible, because they are my little shadows on a daily basis.)  thankfully, i have some really great friends who are going to take care of the pups on short notice while i am gone.


  1. Linda Bergstrom
    Oh I hope you have safe travels and am glad that you have somebody to care for the babies. I'll be thinking about you and please let me know if I can do anything for you. I'll be back home Monday evening.

  2. Lori Stahler Keim
    so sorry to hear this new Missy. Good luck. I hope he recovers. At least you are fortunate enough to be able to travel over there with such short notice.

  3. Jennifer Atwood
    Good luck Missy

  4. Julie Johnson
    So sorry your Dad is not doing well. I hope he improves & recovers. Safe travels over to Germany.

  5. Katie Cavicchio
    Safe travels, Missy. Paws crossed for you and your pop. Also, know that the golden beasts are always welcome to hang with Arnie!

  6. Jennifer Russell Kuhlmann
    I am glad you are going to Germany and have support with the pups, they are good furry kidz, hang in there gal, you are doing the right thing, thinking of you and sending lots of LOVE, Jenn and Hilo

  7. Emily Peters
    Sending my love.