Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Time Out for Sanity

well, i'm well over a month into my "time off" from work, as i officially quit my job last week.  i'm looking for a new job and already have a couple of prn jobs lined up, but honestly i got to tell y'all this time off thing is just working out fine.  i've run 6 of the last seven days, and today decided to just take the dogs for a mile walk and take the day off.

i've been spending my time looking at topo maps of the area and dreaming of running routes when i am not out in the hills.  this spring has been so beautiful.  i've run over forty miles in the mountains each week for the last three weeks, and i honestly don't think i've ever been happier.  which is in stark contrast to how my manager viewed me at work as "angry and frustrated".  makes me really think i did the right thing by leaving that job, because it was turning me into a really unhappy person.

i feel so bad for the dogs on the days that i don't take them out with me.  yesterday i did a 12 mile run right on the border of the salt lake city watershed area.  12 miles is a bit far for them to go every day anyway.  i had just taken them for a 6-miler the day before.  it was such a fantastic view of the Wasatch Range, and it was on part of the 100-mile course that i will be on later this summer.  it got me pretty pumped to participate in the race again this year.

enjoy the photos.  it's a magical place.


  1. I am honestly jealous of your break from work. I think it is great. Plus, you have inspired me to not stay in a job that I am not happy in. Here's to looking for work.....

  2. thanks, Kim! i feel great about it too, until i do something like lose my iPod on the trail today, then i have an extra $100 expense that was unexpected. hopefully i'll get some great prn/part-time work and will be able to continue this lifestyle. glad i could inspire you!