Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Shoreline

going up to the Shoreline Trail with the dogs is one of my favorite things to do. especially on a Sunday morning. not too many bikes out this morning. lots of friendly dogs and their people though. beautiful Sunday Spring morning. just what i needed to do to get motivated to come back to the house for a little Spring cleaning (ugh). the dogs are not-so-patiently waiting outside now for me to finish up cleaning (which could take hours) and go for round two on the Shoreline this afternoon. hopefully that will happen. if not, there's always next Sunday morning.


  1. There's a great deal of canine protest at my house about being outdoors midday right now. Evidently 70-ish degrees is "too hot" in the Siberian Husky brain :)

  2. my Artemis was a little warm yesterday afternoon on our Red Butte 4-miler. they just need to acclimatize; give 'em a few weeks. has your Kita-husky blown her winter undercoat yet? when she gets rid of that she'll probably feel a whole lot better.

  3. Coat blowing is nearly complete. She's still not a fan of summer, but I know she'll do better once it's gone. In the meantime, the "it's so HOT!" protests are a bit entertaining.