Saturday, October 24, 2009

Living Room to Mount Wire

i just can't get over how strong my dogs are. they are always ready for a hike, no matter what the distance. i think today's route was about 6 miles or so, and the dogs acted as though they could have gone twice that far. i also can't get over the fact that when i feel tired, with a little bit of motivation, i can get hiking up a mountain and suddenly have more energy than i ever imagined. the fall storms cleared up this morning and made for some dramatic views. dark skies and lots of clouds, with a few rays of sunshine poking out.

franklin, artemis, and i hiked first to the "living room" a collection of rocks that are piled up in the shape of "sofas" and "armchairs" and positioned in a manner that you can really enjoy the view off to the west. we proceeded up the trail towards "mount wire" where a couple of large radio reflector panels and an old beacon adorn the summit. the top of mount wire always makes for a good photo op. the last time we were up there was this past spring, when i had just started running again after a 5 year hiatus. it still feels really good to be out there.

it was about a two hour round trip. we cruised back to the car, hitting the shoreline trail, and said hi to the other fortunate saturday dogs on hikes with their people. made it home just before the afternoon round of storms hit.

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