Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I was reminded today of John Muir; and in some inexplicable way, I feel a great loss in never having known him. I wish he could have lived forever, this great man and defender of Wilderness.

"In all excursions, when danger is realized, thought is quickened, common care buried, and pictures of wild, immortal beauty are pressed into memory, to dwell forever." --John Muir

May I always remember to take a risk; especially when exploring the mountains. To find new, intriguing places and remember to share them with others.

Here's to our mountains. Explore them, enjoy them, and protect them.


  1. I clicked on your blog to see if it was private, and I was surprised! I like to read about your hikes. I hope some day to try the easier short ones.

    Keep it up!
    Linda Williams

  2. Thanks, Linda! I hope you had a happy Pioneer Day. Don't wait to get out there. Do it today. You will be rewarded.

  3. I shall! I know I'm not fit at all, and I actually got on a bike this week! I have some wonderful paved trails right behind the new house, some incline to 2 small lakes behind me. You are quite inspirational!! I just need a new wonderful dog to go with me. Your dogs are the happiest pooches I've seen!

  4. good for you! yes, the dogs "guilt" me into getting out quite often. they are good, happy companions and always willing to do what i want to do!